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by Lloyd A. de Vries

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  • Clearance!
    We made too many, or these issues didn't sell as well as we expected. Here's a chance to pick up some real bargains; some are priced below cost.
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    • No, you don't have to take 3 or 6 or 20 of the same issue, but you can get more than one of an issue if you want.

    • Issues offered may change from time to time.

    • No other discounts apply.

    • Pictures and details about the issues available in separate windows or tabs when you click on the issue names below.

    • You don't have to use PayPal. Cash, checks and money orders are fine, too. We can accept credit cards through PayPal (but you don't have to sign up with PayPal to pay by credit card).
    Here's how it works: First, pick the quantity and price you want. (Just write it down somewhere if you're not using PayPal):

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    20 for $20

    Here are the issues from which you can choose:

    Sc. 2059-62 Streetcars (Dgn 2)
    Sc. 1905 11 Caboose coil (Dgn 3)
    Sc. 1905 11 Caboose coil (Dgn 3a)
    Sc. 2089 Jim Thorpe (Dgn 4)
    Sc. 2105 Eleanor Roosevelt (Dgn 6a)
    Sc. 2110 Jerome Kern (Dgn 7)
    Sc. 2146 Abigail Adams (Dgn 8)
    Sc. 2147 Frederic Bartholdi (Dgn 9)
    Sc. 2250 Enrico Caruso (Dgn 13a)
    Sc. 2276 Flag/Fireworks (Dgn 15)
    Sc. 2276 Flag/Fireworks (Dgn 15c)
    Sc. 2359a Constitution booklet (Dgn 16)
    Sc. 2360 Signing Constitution (Dgn 17)
    Sc. 2366a Locomotives booklet (Dgn 20)
    Sc. 2367 Christmas '87 (Dgn 21a)
    Sc. 2258 13 Police Wagon coil (Dgn 22a)
    Sc. 2258 13 Police Wagon coil (Dgn 22c)
    Sc. 2266 24.1 Tandem Bicycle coil (Dgn 23)
    Sc. 2263 20 Cable Car coil (Dgn 24)
    Sc. 2411 Arturo Toscanini (Dgn 25c)
    Sc. 2412-3 House/Senate (Dgn 26c)
    Sc. 2414 Executive Branch Bicentennial (Dgn 27)
    Sc. 2414 Executive Branch (Dgn 27c)
    Sc. 2452 5 Circus Wagon coil (Dgn 30)
    Sc. 2452 5 Circus Wagon coil (Dgn 30c)
    Sc. UX152 Chicago Symphony Hall pc (Dgn 32)
    Sc. UX152 Chicago Symphony Hall pc (Dgn 32c)
    Sc. 2550 Cole Porter (Dgn 34)
    Sc. 2722 Oklahoma! (Dgn 38)
    Sc. 2599 Statue of Liberty ATM bklt (Dgn 41a)
    Sc. 3100a Songwriters (Dgn 44)
    Sc. 3096a Big Bandleaders (Dgn 45)
    Sc. 3096 Count Basie (Dgn 46a)
    Sc. 3097 The Dorseys (Dgn 46b)
    Sc. 3098 Benny Goodman (Dgn 46c)
    Sc. 3099 Glenn Miller (Dgn 46d)
    Sc. 3096 Count Basie (Dgn 47)
    Sc. 3097-9 Big Bandleaders (Dgn 48)
    Sc. 3137 Bugs Bunny (Dgn 51)
    Sc. 3137 Bugs Bunny (Dgn 51wh)
    Sc. UX281 Bugs Bunny (Bugs 1)
    Sc. 3137/UX281 Bugs Bunny (Bugs 2)
    Sc. 3152 Humphrey Bogart (Dgn 52)
    Sc. 3054 Yellow Rose coil (Dgn 53)
    Sc. 3153 Stars & Stripes Forever (Dgn 54)
    Sc. 3153 Stars & Stripes Forever (Dgn 54m)
    Sc. 3179 Year of the Tiger (Dgn 56)
    Sc. 3182d/k Century: Teddy Bear/Crayola (Dgn 57)
    Sc. 3182i Century: Immigrants (Dgn 58)
    Sc. 3183n Century: Construction Toys (Dgn 62)
    Sc. 3204 Tweety & Sylvester (Dgn 65)
    Sc. 3184d Century: Electric Toy Trains (Dgn 67)
    Sc. 3184i Century: Radio (Dgn 68)
    Sc. 3184k Century: Jazz (Dgn 69)
    Ring-Necked Pheasant (Dgn 70b)
    Sc. 3055 Ring-Necked Pheasant (Dgn 70c)
    Sc. 3185b Empire State Building (Dgn 71)
    Sc. 3185k Streamlined Design (Dgn 72)
    Sc. 3274-5 Victorian Love (Dgn 76)
    Sc. 3186j Century: Big Bands (Dgn 77)
    Sc. 3186b Antibiotics (Dgn 78)
    Sc. 3186f Television (Dgn 79)
    Sc. 3306 Daffy Duck (Dgn 82)
    Sc. 3187f School Desegregation (Dgn 84)
    Sc. 3051 33 Coral Pink Rose bklt (Dgn 87)
    Sc. 3052 33 Coral Pink Rose bklt (Dgn 87a)
    Sc. 3052 33 Coral Pink Rose bklt (Dgn 87b)
    Sc. 3052 33 Coral Pink Rose bklt (Dgn 87c)
    Sc. 3401-2 Kids Sports (Dgn 97)
    Sc. 3420 10 Joseph Stilwell (Dgn 98a)
    Sc. 3420 10 Joseph Stilwell (Dgn 98c-)
    Sc. 3521 Leonard Bernstein (Dgn 111)
    Sc. 3558 Happy Birthday (Dgn 123a)
    Sc. 3669 Irving Berlin (Dgn 142)
    Sc. 3692 Cary Grant (Dgn 144)
    Sc. 3811a Early Football Heroes UO (Dgn 160)
    Sc. 3863 Summer Olympics (Dgn 180)
    Sc. 3916-25 Aviation (Dgn 201x)
                  Single stamp, my choice
    Sc. 2140 Year of Dog/Birthday (Dgn 888)

    Now click here and send us e-mail telling us which issues you want.
    (We'll assume one of each unless otherwise specified.)

    Three More Bargains
    Not part of the deals above, but new reduced prices. And no need to buy more than one!

    Dgn 18
    Dgn 18

    Dgn 40
    Dgn 40

    Dgn 40c
    Dgn 40c

    Dgn 18: Sc. UX116/2359a/2360 Constitution — The three 1987 Constitution Bicentennial issues — Sc. UX116 postal card, 2359a booklet pane, 2360 single — on a 8½- by 11-inch card, brown on white. Each of the issues is hand canceled on its first day of issue, and the postal card is tied to the Dragon Card. (You know how usually cachets are applied to postal cards? In this case, we applied the postal card to the cachet!) — larger illustration (new window)...$7.00 Was $15.00

    Dgn 40: Sc. 2770a Broadway Musicals — booklet pane on a blue-on-white 8½- by 11-inch Dragon Card. Front reproduces opening night programs for each show; back reproduces ad for the Broadway celebration held on the first day of issue, with extra text. Full pane with tab, upright — larger illustration (new window)...$3.00 Was $4.00

    Dgn 40c: Sc. 2770a Broadway Musicals — booklet pane on a blue-on-white 8½- by 11-inch card; Front reproduces opening night programs for each show; back reproduces ad for the Broadway celebration held on the first day of issue, with extra text. Full pane with tab, plus #2110 Jerome Kern ('Showboat'), #1484 George Gershwin ('Porgy & Bess') and 1252 American Music — larger illustration (new window)...$4.00 Was $4.50

    Terms & Ordering Information
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