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April 11, 2021

All year pages from 2007 on have been fixed.
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Colorado Hairstreak
Year of the Ox
August Wilson
Chien-Shiung Wu

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Started in 1983 with the Metropolitan Opera issue, Dragon Cards are produced for occasional U.S. issues, and sometimes those of other countries. Most are cards; the majority measure 5- by 7-inches. All are produced in limited quantities. We often make combinations (FDCs with related stamps).

New Arrivals:

Dgn 744
Dgn 744

Dgn 740
Dgn 740
Year of
the Ox

Dgn 742a
Dgn 742a
Year of
the Ox

Dgn 736a
Dgn 736
Back In

Dgn 737
Dgn 737

Dgn 739
Dgn 739

Dgn 743
Dgn 743

Every remaining 2016 National Parks single $1.00

Every issue still available (and many that are not) is listed somewhere on this site; This is the most-complete listing of what's available. We no longer publish a printed pricelist on a regular basis. (But we'll put together a custom list for those not on the Internet, so please tell your friends.)

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Likely 2021 Issues: U.S.: Ursula K. Le Guin, Yogi Berra, Star Trek Droids, John Glenn (not announced, but expected). You can see the 2021 U.S. stamp program here.

Canada: Possibly Discovery of Insulin. No Lunar New Year this time. You can see Canada's 2021 programme here.

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Solar Eclipse Dragon Cards took first and second place in the Color (Commercially) Printed Art category of the American First Day Cover's 2017 Cachetmakers Contest. One of them is still available for sale.

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