Dragon Cards: USS Missouri

USS Missouri
Dragon Cards
First Day Cover

USS Missouri Dgn 690c

Sc. 5392 USS Missouri on a 5"x7" Dragon Card showing art of a World War II Iowa-class battleship. A photo of Adm. Chester Nimitz signing the Japanese surrender document aboard the Missouri on September 3, 1945, is in the background. Gen. Douglas MacArthur and Rear Adm. Forrest P. Sherman are partially visible. The pictorial postmark ties the new stamp with Sc. 935 Navy (1945), Sc. 1869 Nimitz, Sc. 1424 MacArthur, Sc 2981a Iwo Jima, Sc. 2981c Okinawa, and 2551 Desert Shield/Desert Storm. The Missouri saw service at those two World War II battles and Desert Storm. Great for a navy-, military- or ships-on-stamps collection!

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