Dragon Cards: Airmail Centennial II

Airmail Centennial II
Dragon Cards
First Day Cover

Airmail Centennial II Dgn 654b

Sc. 5282 Airmail Centennial II on a 5"x7" Dragon Card showing two first flight covers for airmail service from Columbus, Ohio, and a photo of the sort of plane used when that service began on August 1, 1928. APS StampShow/ATA National Topical Stamp Show was being held in Columbus on the first-day for this stamp. The stamp is tied by the "special" local postmark for the airmail stamp, dated August 12th. That was the 100th anniversary of the Post Office Department taking over airmail service from the U.S. Army. Note that this is not a first-day. Great for a postal services-, airmail-, aviation- or airplanes-on-stamps collection!

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