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August 1 2015

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    Started in 1983 with the Metropolitan Opera issue, Dragon Cards are produced for occasional U.S. issues, particularly those dealing with music. Most are cards; the majority measure 5- by 7-inches. All are produced in limited quantities. We often make combinations (FDCs with related stamps).

    Every issue still available (and many that are not) is listed somewhere on this site; This is the most-complete listing of what's available. We no longer publish a printed pricelist on a regular basis. (But we'll put together a custom list for those not on the Internet, so please tell your friends.)

    See Dragon Cards at Cachetmakers Bourses in August: Americover 2015 in Columbus, Ohio, August 14-16 (cachetmakers bourse Saturday evening) and APS StampShow 2015 in Grand Rapids, MI, August 20-23 (cachetmakers bourse all day Saturday).

    Milestone Reached: The Ralph Ellison Literary Arts Dragon Card is Dgn 500! Now, that number is somewhat arbitrary. My numbering practices change from time to time. For example, there are five similar but different Hattie McDaniel designs, but all are Dgn 225 with a suffix letter. On the other hand, there are two varieties for this year's Shirley Chisholm stamp, with identical designs but different tinting, and each got a separate number. Still, it means there were about 500 different Dragon Cards in 30 years.

    Likely 2015 Issues: We haven't been told many of the issues officially yet, but between what's announced and what's rumored, our best-guesses for 2015 Dragon Cards include Summer Harvest, U.S. Coast Guard, whatever stamp is issued at Americover 2015 (if any, and I have no inside information about this), Ingrid Bergman, Paul Newman, and the two Music Icons (Elvis Presley and... James Brown?). More information on the U.S. 2015 issues is available at The Virtual Stamp Club.

    We're told the shopping cart system doesn't work on some of the older pages. If you get an error message (a surefire sign the system isn't working!) just e-mail me and I'll send you an invoice for the desired items.

    The Dragon Card for the Apples stamp, Dgn 453, took second place in the 2013 AFDCS Cachetmakers Contest for Printed Art/Two Colors or More. The previous year, a War of 1812 Dragon Card designed by Chris Calle (Dgn 447) won the same award, and three years ago, Dragon Card for the King & Queen of Hearts Love stamp, Dgn 332, was the winner in the same category.

    Click on the thumbnails throughout this site for larger images.

    We are pleased to accept checks, money order, cash, and PayPal (and through PayPal Visa MasterCard Discover American Express). At shows, we accept credit cards via Square.

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    The State of New Jersey has "requested" that we collect 7% sales tax from NJ residents. Sorry, it's not my idea of a good time, either.

    Subscribe! We can customize your subscription for upcoming issues in countless ways  every commemorative, every combo, everything we produce, every left-handed hermaphrodite, you name it. What's in it for you? You're guaranteed we won't sell out of an item before you get it, because we'll have put it aside for you before it goes on sale. And sometimes we make special versions of Dragon Cards that are offered first and sometimes only to subscribers. If your shipping address is in the U.S., there won't be a charge for P&H, either. And sometimes there are discounts, too.

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    Clearance!Check out the Clearance page, with 79 issues priced at 3 for $4, 6 for $7.50 and 20 for $20. You can buy all different or quantities of the same issue. Get a head start on your Dragon Cards collection.

    Now It Can Be Told: ("Why" is another matter.) Updated June 2012. Some behind-the-scenes stories about Dragon Cards you might not have known (and might not want to know, but it's my Web site, and you're free to skip this page). This edition shows designs that weren't used.

    Dragon Cards are also offered on eBay and Delcampe, but the best prices are here on this site. The seller name on eBay and Delcampe is "LloydStamps."

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